Muluzi leaves Malawi, hits on dictatorship

bakili_muluzi_92_110Former Malawi President Bakili Muluzi (pictured) on July 15 left the country for United Kingdom to seek medical help on his spine problem and has brushed claims that he intends to have an indefinite stay abroad.

Muluzi who has his medical check-up delayed because the state seized his travel documents on anonymous source that he intended to bolt the K1.4 billion corruption case government is prosecuting him.

However, in his departure statement to journalist at Chileka Airport, Muluzi said he can never be a fugitive under any circumstance.

I will be back, oh yes I will. Malawi is my country, it has always been and will never desert it, said Muluzi.

The former president accused the government of politically harassing him and delaying his trip to go to seek medical help

The leader of opposition UDF party said the country was sliding back to dictatorship that leaders like him who are not towing the ruling DPP line faces persecution.

It seems that for one to be comfortable in Malawi one has to join the DPP, said Muluzi.

He condemned what he described as lack of political tolerance by the current government.

We fought for multiparty democracy because we wanted Malawians to enjoy their full rights, he said.

He added: We are in a democracy; people must be allowed to differ on political opinion.

Crowds of people wearing yellow colours of UDF gathered at the airport to see off the former president.

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