Zanu (PF) incites violence

green_bombersGUTU - A Zanu (PF) heavyweight has stepped up efforts to intimidate MDC supporters by mobilizing local structures and inciting acts of violence. The member of the house of assembly for Gutu West Constituency, Noel Tarirai Mandebvu, who won his seat through violent means, addressed a rally on June 9 accompanied by Zanu (PF) thugs.

Mandebvu openly attacked the MDC, saying his party would maintain a tough stance against them. He claimed that the MDC was trying to destabilize the country by refusing to release funds to Zanu (PF).Mandebvu openly chanted slogans denouncing the MDC and its leader Morgan Tsvangirai. To us it was a direct violation of the Global Political agreement, said a source from Gutu.
Meanwhile, the Zanu (PF) has attempted bulldoze at least five special councillors in the Gutu rural district council in a measure calculated to neutralize the MDCs dominance in the council. The council chair person, Daniel Jinga, last week said they would not sit back and allow Zanu (PF) to dictate its terms to the council.

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