Abusers face arrest

arrest... judge warns cops

BULAWAYO - A senior Bulawayo High Court judge, Justice Maphios Cheda, has warned the anti-riot police against human rights abuses under the guise of maintaining public order, saying they faced arrest.Speaking at the re-launch of Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Service Charter at Fairbrige Police Support Uunit training depot on t

Any member of the Support who abuses members of the public or authority and influence as a law enforcement officer stands to account for his or her actions. Please observe the fundamentals of human rights when performing your duties as members of the Support Uunit, said Justice Cheda.Members of the ZRP Support the anti-riot police – are feared among Zimbabweans for ruthlessly putting down any protest against hunger and poverty. Victims of the anti-riot police beatings, mainly MDC and human rights activists, have emerged with broken arms and bruises all over their bodies.

Human rights organizations have documented numerous cases of abuse by the police including political discrimination, unlawful arrest and detention, torture, and interference with freedoms are the most common violations reported.In 2008, the International Bar Aassociation Human Rights Institute (IBHRI) released a report raising concern over Zimbabwe polices brutality and intimidation of civilians and human rights activists. IBHRI said the (ZRP) has abdicated its constitutional functions, responsibilities and obligations, saying that Zimbabwe police officers are responsible for some of the most serious human rights and rule of law violations in Zimbabwe today.Ddespite protests by the human rights organizations over the human rights violations by the anti-riot police, President Robert Mugabe has defended their action saying their action is meant to maintain public order.

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