Feeling sorry for Zanu apologists

EDITOR - Anyone who attended the recent Zimbabwe Media Commission interviews could only have felt pity for Zanu (PF) apologists who failed dismally to understand that Zimbabwe is going through a transformation phase following the formation of the inclusive government.

It was really a sad sight to see during the public interviews that some Zanu (PF) academics and spokespersons were moving around fully naked in broad daylight sun of Harare streets as they failed to comprehend that Zimbabwe is changing for the better at last.
It was a pity to notice that some Zanu sympathisers, like former media lecturer Tafataona Mahoso, instead of answering simple questions directed at them, decided to question the panellists.
This arrogance shows that Mahoso and others like Chris Mutsvangwa are still living in a blinkered aged, where they think everyone will believe in whatever nonsense they say.
It is a surprise that, besides all the booing that Mutsvangwa has received at most independent public meetings he has been asked to speak at, he still remains blinkered.
Mutsvangwa should seriously look at himself and reflect that even the electorate of Norton, where his idol Robert Mugabe passes through on a weekly basis to his home village passed no faith in him when he decided to stand on a Zanu (PF) parliamentary ticket in the March 2008 elections. – AGRIPPA ZVOMUYA, Harare

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