Hero status prejudiced said Zanu (PF) officials

BULAWAYO Key Zanu (PF) officials have accused their party leaders of segregation after declaring the late Mberengwa Senator Richard Hove a national hero just hours after his death.

Hove died at St Annes Hospital in Harare on Friday evening but was declared a national hero on Saturday morning. He was buried on Tuesday at Heroes Acre.

Speaking to The Zimbabwean on Monday a top Zanu PF official, whose identity is being withheld for security reasons, said if Hove had been a former Zipra member the politburo would have taken several days to declare him a national hero.

This has been happening for a long time now, said the Zanu (PF) official. We are not happy at all. Of course Hove deserved to be a national hero but they didnt take time to give him that status like in the same way they do with our former Zipra members who are in Zanu PF today.

Another Zanu (PF) provincial leader and former ZAPU member, said in June when the founding Zipra commander, Ackim Ndlovu, died, the family had already decided to bury him at a local cemetery. Zanu (PF) leaders, however, declared him a national hero at the last minute.

If this continues, most of us former members of the original ZAPU who are still in Zanu (PF) will join Dumiso Dabengwa, he said.

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