Is The Herald now seeing the light?

EDITOR - It was really refreshing for one to read The Herald blasting attempts by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Gideon Gono, to recall the Zimbabwe dollar into circulation. For once, The Herald, although some of its reporters are known to be Gono bootlickers had the nerve to say that enough is enough of his weird monetary policies.

The newspaper at least tried to give a hint to Gono and his Zanu (PF) cronies like the Attorney-General, Johannes Tomana, how out of step with the mass public opinion they are.
Tomana, who is a known Zanu (PF) apologist, continues to arrest journalists for simply doing their work. He continues to arrests civic society members for peacefully demonstrating for a new-people driven Constitution and basic human rights.
I hope everyone has a refreshing idea than I also have that The Herald has finally seen the light and realised that Zanu (PF) is only trying to use the national paper as its mouthpiece but scuttling the will of the majority of the people of Zimbabwe who have since rejected the party.
It looks like Zanu (PF) officials, including Gono, are also not heeding calls by Finance Minister, Tendai Biti, and Economic Planning and Promotion Minister, Elton Mangoma, that the Zimbabwean dollar is dead and buried. – TRYMORE MAZHAMBE, Mutare

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