Mohadi to replace Nkomo?

kembo_mohadiHARARE - As Zanu (PF) heads towards a choreographed national peoples congress in December, indications are that co-Minister of Home Affairs Kembo Mohadi could become national chairman ahead of Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, while the John Nkomo is set to replace the late Joseph Msika. (Pictured: Kembo Mohadi)

Although it is not written in the Unity Accord of December 22 1987, the post of national chairman has always been occupied by people from Matebeleland as part of an appeasement approach in political ethnic balancing.
Informed sources close to the battle for supremacy told The Zimbabwean this week that Mohadis name was raised at the last politburo meeting as a possible candidate to takeover from Nkomo – should the latter be elevated to the position of co-vice president.
The issue of Mohadi was discussed, though informally, but all indications are that he could land the post, the source said. The president has a soft spot for him. He has the right credentials. He is former PF-ZAPU, ZIPRA, an ex-combatant and very supportive of the partys views and position on sovereignty among other issues.

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