Thanks for nothing Stuttafords

stuttarfords_removals_truckEDITOR - Following my retirement last year I relocated to Bulawayo. As part of my retirement package, my former employer covered the costs of transportation of my property from Victoria Falls. Stuttarfords Removals was then contracted for the job, for a fee of US$2020.

It however refused to deliver the goods for three months, during which it was recovering the costs of the removals. Upon delivery, I discovered that some of my very expensive oak and mahogany furniture had been scratched, broken, and badly damaged by rain. A full crate of unopened cokes had also been stolen and replaced with an empty one.

Stuttarfords then agreed to undertake all repairs and take what it could not repair to a furniture factory. Four months later, no significant repairs have been made, and Stuttarfords has refused to take the furniture it cannot repair, to a credible furniture factory.
On the grounds that no insurance was paid for the job.
What has been most shocking is the rude nature of Mr Makwelo, and the aggressive attitude of Mr Sibanda, the Bulawayo branch manager. Both have washed their hands completely of responsibility for this saga.
In short, all this could have been avoided if the Bulawayo branch had taken better care of my property. Stuttarfords is guilty of gross negligence and incompetence, and cares nothing about client satisfaction. Choosing to pursue profit at the expense of
My life savings are invested in my property. As a pensioner I will never be able to replace the furniture destroyed as a result of Stuttarfords negligence. As I come to terms with my loss, all I can conclude is that it is a company that has well and truly gone to the dogs. Whoever would have thought that after charging US$2020, it would go on to oversee the damage and destruction of a clients property, and then proceed to celebrate by stealing a crate of cokes?
Human beings are supposed to be better than this. One shudders to think what is becoming of property left in this company’s storage facilities, by Zimbabweans in the Diaspora? – S.T. JABAVU, Bulawayo

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