Tomana working full-time for Zanu (PF)

tomanaIt has become very clear to all and sundry that Mr. Johannes Tomana, the unilaterally appointed Attorney General, is working day and night to get MDC supporters and MPs arrested and prosecuted on trumped up charges. That is the specific purpose of his appointment by Mugabe without consultations with the two MDC formations. (Pictured: Johannes Tomana)

The second purpose of his appointment is to ensure the protection of Zanu (PF) supporters and MPs from prosecution for the numerous crimes that they are alleged to have committed. For example, ZTV footage clearly showed that Chinotimba, Kasukuwere and Zhuwawu were among the ring-leaders of the Zanu (PF) hoodlums that disrupted the All-Stakeholders Constitutional Conference at the Harare International Conference Centre a few weeks ago. None of the three was ever arrested for this foolish and criminal act.

There has also been no arrest in relation to the alleged poaching of rhinos in some of the nations game parks even though there is evidence that two Zanu (PF) Cabinet Ministers may have been involved. The missing of the dockets from Tomanas office is certainly by design and with his complicity, no doubt. The named ministers have not issued any statements denying these allegations, but still they are not being prosecuted.
Now the MDC has compiled a damning report with regard to the 2008 political murders committed by some senior Zanu (PF) officials. We wait to see whether Mugabe will again make use of Tomana to shield these murderers from the law. The MDC should devise effective ways and means of exposing the names of the alleged murderers so that the general public may be warned and may also reveal even more atrocities possibly committed by the same political hooligans.

Discussing the matter with Mugabe is not going to help anything since these people committed the crimes on his behalf. He was the presidential candidate they were fighting for in June 2008. There is no way he is going to let them face the law now.
It is absolutely crucial that the names of these political murderers be made public in the most effective way. They may escape the gallows today but let them know that when Mugabe goes down the way of Msika, they too will have to start running very fast. Mugabes departure is not very far from now, so all the records need to be carefully kept and protected from those that would seek to make them disappear in the manner that Tomana made the rhino dockets vanish from his office without trace. Those that think that Mugabe will always be there to cover their backsides are fooling themselves. Nature has a very specific way of dealing with flesh, and there is no negotiation on that one.

In a way, the MDC has been unduly weak and docile. Sometimes I think the MDC forgets that they won the 2008 parliamentary elections and the presidential elections as well. In many ways, they behave as if Zanu (PF) won both those elections. This level of cowardice does not help matters much in relation to the implementation of the GPA.
Mugabe is currently dragging his feet and demonstrating that he is reluctant to abide by the provisions of the GPA. The SADC is very unlikely to push Mugabe to move any faster than he is doing now. The onus is on the MDC to apply meaningful pressure on Zanu (PF) to do the right thing. Exposure of the alleged perpetrators of political violence is one way that the MDC can employ to make sure that Zanu (PF) is consistently politically discredited in the eyes of the people of this country.

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