What is wrong with your own health service Mugabe?

mugabe_sick2EDITOR - Previously I asked why African leaders such as Robert Mugabe and numerous others must always visit overseas hospitals when they are ill. What is wrong with the health services in their own countries? (Pictured: Robert Mugabe)

Once again, I would like to ask the same question. The last time I was scolded as a racist with a hidden agenda and I was told that in a global economy people are free to shop around for the best health care anywhere in the world, be it Paris or Dubai.

Really? Tell that to the millions of people who are dependent in Africa on the dismal health services available in their own countries, while their leaders luxuriate in air-conditioned, state-of-art, top-notch hospitals in other parts of the world.

It is sad that the people of Africa have allowed their so-called leaders to bully them into submission, poverty, poor education and bad health services. Why must we bow, scrape and allow despotic psychopaths to ruin our continent?

When Mr Mugabe is sick again, he should be forced to lie in the grimy, smelly corridors of one of his own hospitals, where the overworked nursing staff are so busy that you lie in your own festering faeces and urine for hours on end.

Sounds primitive, doesnt it? Well, certainly not as primitive as he has allowed Zimbabwe to become.

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