Zambia: Police to receive utility services allowances

lamech_mangamiThe Government will from next year directly pay police officers allowances for the settlement of their electricity and water bills to save them from the inconvenience of being disconnected, Home Affairs Minister Lameck Mangani (pictured [left])has said.

Mr Mangani said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the move would be introduced in the next Budget and was aimed at ensuring that police officers took responsibility of their bills instead of being inconvenienced over long-standing Government bills.

Zesco and water utility companies recently cut power supply and water to police camps over non-payment of K7 billion outstanding bills, supply was however, restored last Saturday after the Ministry of Home Affairs assured that it would settle the bills.

Mr Mangani said he hoped that the idea of letting police officers pay their bills would ensure steady supply of water and electricity unlike the current situation where the Government was made to pay huge debts at once.

We are convinced that the new system will help reduce the huge debts that the Government owed utility companies.

Police officers will also be inconveniencing themselves if they failed to pay for themselves, they have to be made responsible. This will be a collective responsibility, he said.

Mr Mangani said his ministry had entered into an agreement with the utility companies to re-connect the water and power to the affected police camps with the view of settling the K7 billion bill.

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