Zambia: Sata abandons impeachment

rupiah_bandaPRESIDENT Rupiah Banda (pictured) has said Patriotic Front (PF) leader, Michael Sata has abandoned plans to impeach him through Parliament after realising that it cannot work.

But Mr Sata said in reaction that he was busy with the campaign in Chitambo and did not know how far the lawyer who was handling the matter had gone in preparing the impeachment motion.

Addressing a rally in Chitambo yesterday, Mr Banda said he had received reliable information that Mr Sata had abandoned the plan and thanked him for the decision.

Drumming up support for MMD candidate, Solomon Musonda in the by-election slated for August 13, Mr Banda said he had received a report from his ministers that Mr Sata had decided to abandon the planned impeachment.

I knew that the impeachment move was not going to succeed because it lacked merit. Besides, I am superior in Parliament because of the numbers, he said.

The president said politics of hate should be discarded and that the move Mr Sata had taken by withdrawing the petition was noble.

This is how Zambians should proceed, I have no hate for Sata as I consider him a crazy cousin of mine. He is my cousin, so I can even insult him. This cousinship stems from our ancestors, that is why I say he is crazy, Mr Banda said.

The president said he expected Mr Sata to attend his funeral in an event of death and he would do the same if the same catastrophe befell the PF leader.

Everywhere one goes, tribes have got cousins who they joke with, help resolve problems with and that is why I asked not to join our cousinship, Mr Banda said.

He, however, said the United Party for National Development (UPND) leader, Hakainde Hichilema was much younger than him and he was not his cousin to make jokes with.

Mr Banda said he looked forward to defeating Mr Sata in the forthcoming Kasama Central parliamentary by-election.

Earlier, Mr Banda urged Chitambo residents to vote for Dr Musonda, stressing that more development could take root.

He said Dr Musonda was the best candidate out of all the candidates from other political parties taking part in the by-election.

He said roads were being worked on, while issues of health would be attended to.

The president thanked health workers, saying that he appreciated the good job they were doing even though he refused to agree to their wage demands.

The Government is developing infrastructure in Nansanga Farm Bloc to enable livestock farming take place.

MMD chairman, Michael Mabenga said he felt pity for Mr Hichilema for choosing to gang up with Mr Sata through a pact.

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