Zuma to crack whip on Mugabe

jacob_zumaThe leadership of MDC in South Africa, USA, Canada and UK supported by representatives on civic societies shall be handing a memorandum to SADCC Chairman, President Jacob Zuma tomorrow (26 August 2009). (Pictured: President Jacob Zuma)

Zuma who is expected in Harare this week over friction developing in the works of the Inclusive government in Zimbabwe would be filled with sticking points which are failing the expected smooth progress in the Inclusive Government.

We expect Zuma to crack the whip on Robert Mugabe, as he had always done in tough assignments which he performed in the past.

Mugabe needs to be told to immediately implement the remaining issues agreed upon. Zuma has to tell Mugabe to disappoint two senior government officials he appointed illegally: Attorney General Tomana and Reserve Bank Governor Jacob Gono.

Robert Mugabe should be pressurized into stopping the political motivated prosecutions on our MPs. Farms invasions should be stopped, MDC Governors and ambassadors must be appointed immediately as agreed.

We also urge Jacob Zuma to resist the temptation of praising singing Mugabe where his predecessors failed. Zuma should adopt the same legitimate stance against Mugabe which was also taken by other leaders in his fold like Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton.

We call upon Zuma not to leave us in the same situation as another Joseph Kabila, takes over the Chairmanship of SADC.

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