Botswana: Opposition may help BDP topple Khama

botswana_ian_khama_4FRANCISTOWN: Social commentator and University of Botswana (UB) lecturer, Log Raditlhokwa has said there is a possibility that President Ian Khama (pictured) might be toppled by the Kedikilwe-Kwelagobe faction of the ruling party after the general elections.

He asserted that there is a likelihood of the Barata-Phathi faction teaming up with the opposition to mount a successful opposition to Khama’s endorsement as president by Parliament. “There is the likelihood that after the general elections, the Barata-Phathi may team up with members of opposition and not endorse Khama as state president.

Also, Khama may not want to work with members of the Barata-Phathi after general elections. The problem is that there is no wisdom in the leadership of the BDP, otherwise there was no need for all this drama,” he said in reference to the dispute between Khama and suspended Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) secretary general, Gomolemo Motswaledi.

“The thing is that the BDP has lost its integrity. How can all these things happen when elections are only next month? All this shows that the ruling party does not even have respect for the electorate because the leadership of the BDP could have sorted their problems quietly,” said Raditlhokwa. The BDP dispute has reached the High Court after Motswaledi challenged Khama’s decision to suspend him and recall him as parliamentary candidate for Gaborone Central.

Raditlhokwa said that whatever the ruling from the Lobatse High Court in the case between Khama and Motswaledi yesterday, there will be sabotage before and after general elections between members of the Barata-Phathi faction and their rivals in the A-Team or Nkate-Merafhe alliance. He said Khama made a mistake when he refused the advice of party elders like former presidents Festus Mogae and Sir Ketumile Masire to go slow in the running of BDP affairs. “Mogae and Masire were only messengers from God to help in wisdom. Otherwise these court battles could have been prevented but then, the leaders of the BDP resorted to emotionalism because in case Motswaledi wins his bid to be reinstated or in case Khama wins, their differences will still continue. These differences are set to continue for a long time,” he asserted.

Raditlhokwa noted that what is happening in the BDP is mainly understood by the elite who reside in urban areas because the majority of the elderly in rural areas where the BDP has massive support do not clearly understand the crisis. “So during elections, we’re going to see members of the BDP voting according to factionalism during the elections,” he stated.

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