Kenya: MPs protest as standards bureau boss sacked

kenya_kioko_mangeliKenya Bureau of Standards managing director Kioko Mangeli (pictured) has been sacked, barely three months after he was reappointed following the expiry of his term.

Mutito MP Kiema Kilonzo on Thursday asked Industrialisation minister Henry Kosgey to clear the air on the sacking of Dr Mangeli.

Mr Mangeli was three months into his new term and had been appointed by the minister in consultation with the National Standards Council.

The council is the board of directors that runs the affairs of the standards agency. Other government sources said the position would be advertised next week.

The letter to relieve Dr Mangeli of his duties, said Mr Kilonzo, was written by Head of Civil Service Francis Muthaura and dated Tuesday September 8.

Mr Kilonzo also asked Mr Kosgey to clarify Mr Muthauras role in the appointment, in the context of the Standards Act, which sets out the process of appointing the head of the Kenya Bureau of Standards.


According to the Act, the minister consults the MD on the advice of the Standards Council.

Mr Kilonzo termed the sacking suspicious given Dr Mangelis stance in support of Kebs earlier this year when it was accused of incompetence in the handling of a consignment of imported maize that the agency found to be unfit for human consumption.

Mr Kosgey is scheduled to answer the questions raised by the matter on Wednesday next week.

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