Malawi: CHRR calls for Commission of Inquiry of Chafukiras demise

Local rights watchdog, the Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) has called on President Bingu wa Mutharika to set up a Commission of Inquiry to probe on the untimely death lawmaker Ishmael Chafukira.

CHRR made the call in a media statement issued by its executive director Undule Mwakasungula.

CHRR is more shocked in the circumstances and manner regarding Hon. Chafukiras death.

Many Malawians are left puzzled and with many unanswered questions on the demise of this new hero of Malawi politics. Much as we may not rule out natural cause to his death, but we at CHRR just like any concerned Malawian have been left puzzled with his sudden death, reads a statement e-mailed to Nyasa Times.

The rights body said Chafukiras death has robbed Malawi of a courageous and promising young politician who was geared at bringing fundamental change on democratization in Malawi.

We are really shocked with the mysterious and sudden death has therefore left us with many unanswered questions that seek immediate answers.

We also take into considering that Hon Chafukira has been very vocal and passionate about leadership change in Malawi Congress Party (MCP) which consequently cost him his position as its Spokesperson on parliamentary matters. Do we need to suspect foul play or natural death?

The watchdog said Chafukira death reminds the three decades of the dark past under the MCP rule where alternatives views were sanction to murder, assassination, detention without trial and either being sent into exile.

So many innocent Malawians were regarded as enemies of the state simply for questioning the leadership how this country could be governed. These questions costed them being murdered, sent into dentations without trial or forced into exile and others were fed as meat to crocodiles in Shire River.

We at CHRR cannot sit back and watch Malawi drifting back to old politics of silencing critics by way of killings. We cannot afford to live in the past and keep on losing young daughters and sons of Malawi.

CHRR said memories are still fresh on the brutal murder of likes of Dr. Attati Mpakati who was murdered in cold blood in the heart of Harare, Zimbabwe in 1983, the petrol bombing of Mkwapatira Mhango and the entire family of 23 including a 9 months child, the brutal murder of the Mwanza four, and the killings of thousands Jehovah Witness sect, and many others unknown.

We at CHRR are therefore humbly requesting President to use his powers to institute a commission of inquiry into the death of Hon Ishmael Chafukira. Malawians need to know what has robbed us this promising young politician. We cannot afford to continue promoting impunity by protecting perpetrators like in the past, urged CHRR.

Mwakasungura said CHRRs condolences to the wife of Chafukira, Mrs. Joyce Chafukira and the entire family.

The body also paid tribute to Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani the Fourth who also died this week.

We at CHRR also take this opportunity to send condolences to the Inkosikati Rhoda Gomani, the entire Gomani clan and the Ngonis on the sudden death of Inkosi Gomani. We are really shocked and at are at a loss with his death.

CHRR said Inkosi Gomani was a man of the people who was instrumental in championing the Ngoni tradition and culture.

Inkosi Gomani was always there when invited for civil society functions, he was a man of principles, honest and loving. We will miss Inkosi Gomani but will always remember his advice and words of wisdom.

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