The man who built an empire from nothing

solly_noorSolly Noor was born on September 30, 1948 in Louis Trichardt. He started his business from scratch at the age of 14. He is now the head of an empire comprising of Sollys Discount World Group, Solly Noor Properties and Computron Group and many other companies ranging from consumer and Hi- Tech Electronics to Real Estate. The list of his businesses is substantia

Noor is the first to admit that it was difficult to start a business in the apartheid era, when a lot of obstacles stood in the way of a non-white run business. He did not dwell on this era though, but was eager to talk about his family and his involvement in community projects. Married to his wife Zohra in 1972, the couple have two daughters Farzana and Tasneem. Farzana is a Chartered Accountant and the Financial Director of the Sollys Group. Tasneem is still attending high school. Zohra plays a pivotal role as a director of the company with her husband Solly. Noor told The Zimbabwean that his business philosophy was guided by the basic tenets of excellent customer care.

We eat, live and sleep our business, he said. We aim to provide the best deal for the consumer through good pricing policies, intergrity and offering the best after sales service.

Community support

Noor attributed some of his success to the support he had received from the communities where his businesses operate from. He also acknowledged the support he had received from Zimbabwean customers over the past few years. He expressed his hope that the turmoil in Zimbabwe would come to pass.When asked about this rationale in developing a shopping mall in Musina, Noor said that he had acquired the land years ago. I have total faith that Musina is the future business powerhouse of the Limpopo, especially when the economy turns around in Zimbabwe. He called Musina the main gateway to the rest of Africa. Noor had in his possession a copy of the premises that have already been let in the thirty five shop complex that is nearing completion in Musina. The units were snapped up by reputable household names such as OK Furniture, Shoprite, Clicks, Foschini, Nandos, Wimpy and insurance giant The man who built an empire from nothingSsolly Nnoor, business man and community icon. The Zimbabwean visited the man in the driving seat of the Solly Group of companies who believes that the economic turnaround in Zim will create a thriving business environment in Musina. Old Mutual to name a few. Noor revealed that he was already planning the next phase of his Musina Project. It involves another shopping complex which he will let to Woolworths, Mr. Price and others who could not get space in the first phase of his project.

Zims economic turn around

Noor spoke at length about how the economic turnaround in Zimbabwe would have a positive effect on Musina investments. Musina is going to grow exponentially in response to the economic improvement in Zimbabwe, he said.Community issues have always played a major role in the Sollys Group of Companies. According to Noor, community work and social projects were his way of thanking and giving back to the communities which had supported him. Solly and Zohra Noor Foundation assists disadvantaged children nationwide and The Solly Noor Bursary Fund has been responsible for funding many successful candidates in the medical, legal, engineering, education and business fields. Noor has been awarded numerous awards for his Community Work, such as the 2007 Calvary Christian Church Honorary Award for the Upliftment and Social Engagement for Disadvantaged Communities. Solly Noors achievements are indeed inspiring, especially when one looks at his ability to have achieved so much, from such humble beginnings. His example teaches us to work hard to achieve great things, as well as the importance of giving to the less fortunate.

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