Council prioritizes Isuzu Double Cab ahead of water production

isuzu_doubleas CHRA puts meeting with Prime Minister on the cards and mount massive rates boycott.
The residents of Harare are deeply concerned with the culture that seems to persist at the City of Harare as Council continues to channel the ratepayers towards purchasing expensive cars at the expense of service delivery.

The Association is shocked by reports that the Council purchased another vehicle to add on to the Mayoral fleet and that the Mayoress also has access to that vehicle. Such acts by the City of Harare are a cause for concern and a clear sign of misplaced priorities.

Purchasing expensive cars at a time when there are no trucks to collect refuse; roads are littered with potholes and most streetlights are not working , is simply unacceptable and it is reflective of Councils insensitivity towards the ratepayers. The City of Harare must be reminded that most of its customers are civil servants who are getting an average income of US$150 a month and victims of Operation Murambatsvina who are neither employed nor have any other source of income. The country is struggling to recover from a virtually collapsed economy. How can the City of Harare, in the good conscience of a public service provider, afford a Mayoral fleet? The extravagant expenditures by the City of Harare are not consistent with the socio economic environment obtaining in the country. Such luxuries should only be considered when the most important business has been established, put in motion and results are realized.

CHRA urges the Council to look into these issues urgently and prioritize service delivery so as to ensure good relations with the ratepayers. Meanwhile CHRA is approaching the Prime Minister with its grievances; while the Associations General Council is already clamoring for a massive Rates boycott.

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