Filth in our midst

arrestEDITOR -- There could be various reasons why political violence has resurfaced in many parts of Zimbabwe, but one of them is undoubtedly the failure by the GNU to hold previous perpetrators accountable for their evil and satanic actions.

This idea of politicians at one time prematurely toying with the crude proposal to offer a blanket amnesty to political criminals and hoodlums even before a credible and sustainable political shift has materialised in Zimbabwe is rather irresponsible. The results have now caught up with all of us a new wave of disgusting and disturbing lawlessness.

That MDC-M Vice President Gibson Sibanda backtracked after being challenged by a ZDF colonel on whether it was government policy that security agents were responsible for electoral violence, is telling but is not surprising at all.

Who doesnt know who did it? Unless and until people in their individual capacities who committed these atrocities in the past are brought to justice, then the GNU may just as well disband its ceremonial national healing and reconciliation organ – because there wont be any healing and reconciliation to talk about.

Instead, there will be more huts burnt down, more bodies to bury, more limbs to collect, more pain and hatred than healing and reconciliation. All this can be stopped if this human filth in our midst is made to face the sure consequences of engaging in acts and behaviour expected only of demons and vampires.

Charles Munkuli, by email

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