Hip-hoppers go head-to-head

jibilikaHARARE - B-boying, krumping, popping and locking will all be on the dance menu for a new hip-hop event organised by the Jibilika Dance Trust and literally kicking off at the Mannenberg on Saturday, October 31.

Hip-hop dancers, groups and enthusiasts from around the capital will converge and showcase the various dance styles and routines, leading to a head-to-head showdown. Each month, a winner will be crowned and then return the following month to defend their title.

This will be first in a series of platforms to be established in other provinces in 2010, said Jibilika Director Plot Mhako. There will also be workshops with renowned local and international dancers and choreographers.

The new event follows Zimbabwes recent participation at the African hip-hop indaba and the continental finals for the international Battle of the Year (BOTY) held in Cape Town.

Harares b-boy crew Flip Floppers represented Zimbabwe and, since their return, the group has been highly sought after by promoters in the country and beyond. The team also secured a prestigious contract to perform in South Africa during the 2010 world Cup.

This has greatly helped in changing public perception about hip-hop, raising the standard and enticing youths into the dancing, said Mhako.

Hip-hop culture began in the mid-19th century as a vehicle for freedom of expression and has evolved over the years to bring out diverse elements from rap music, break-dancing, grafitti, beat-boxing and DJing. It has done more to influence youth behaviour and bring them together than any other culture.

Mhako, who has support from the Pamberi Trust, hopes the Head 2 Head event will transform and empower the youths from underprivileged communities, giving them skills and knowledge to help alleviate poverty, HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, crime and unemployment though dance.

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