Mujuru admits failure

joice-mujuruNYANGA Some Zanu (PF) policies have crippled the economy and lowered the standard of living for the ordinary innocent citizens, the Vice President of Zimbabwe Joyce Mujuru has admitted.

We have made some mistakes. There are things that we have done and we regret as government, but we welcome criticism, she said while addressing delegates at the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) Annual Conference recently.

She assured the audience that Zanu (PF) was going to revisit the mistakes it made during the land grab.

On the progress made between Zimbabwe and South Africa on the issue of Bilateral Investment Protection Agreements (BIPPA), Mujuru said the government was still working on finding a good working relationship with each other.

Mujuru said there was little the two countries could negotiate on the land distributed under the chaotic land reform programme.

Something could be done probably on the commercial land. I can promise you that we are doing something and very positive things will come out, she said. Land issue will be discussed many more times because we encounter new challenges and we have to find better solutions.

The inclusive government is in a Catch-22 situation on how to repossess the foreign owned farms grabbed by Zanu (PF) political heavyweights.

Mujuru challenged the business people and donors to help the cash strapped inclusive government especially in the areas of agricultural and economic development.

We need you businesses people because there is no good politician who wants to enjoy his politics without good qualified people around.

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