Mutambara blasts Moyo, Charamba

mutambara_agoMASVINGO - Deputy PM and the leader of the smaller faction of the MDC, Arthur Mutambara (Pictured) on Sunday attacked the permanent secretary in the Information and Publicity, George Charamba and Jonathan Moyo for continuously feeding the nation with lies.

Addressing his supporters at Mucheke Hall in Masvingo, Mutambara said: It is very embarrassing that Charamba- a civil servant together with Jonathan Moyo are continuously feeding the country with lies.

If you buy The Herald or listen to ZBC, do not expect anything besides lies and propaganda,” he said. We do not want Zanu (PF) to dominate in the state media, we also want to be heard, and we want Tsvangirai to be heard. All of us demand a fair share in the state media, not lies. These gentlemen have taken people for granted.”

As a party, we are calling for more players in the media; we want Daily News and News Day as soon as possible. We do not want what is happening, said Mutambara.

Zimbabweans do not deserve to continue to be punished with biased media. The people deserve plurality and diversity. What is happening is poisonous and uncalled for.

Turning to the outstanding issues affecting the inclusive government, Mutambara said Prime Minister and the leader of the main faction of MDC, Morgan Tsvangirai was right to demand that the issues be solved as a matter of urgency.

Tsvangirai warned

However, he was quick to warn Tsvangirai that if he pulled out of government, President Robert Mugabe would take the opportunity to push everything to his own advantage.

I understand Tsvangirais demands – his demands are very genuine but we want to warn him to be very careful. Though Mugabe knows that he will be a rebel leader without us, he will take that opportunity to push everything to his favour. We will end up crying.

We know that its Mugabe who is dragging feet in implementing the outstanding issues. A lot of things are yet to be resolved; the issue of provincial governors, Bennetts issue, Gono and Tomana must go. We are not fools, we want to bring Mugabe and tell him the truth in his face.” said Mutambara.

Tsvangirai’s faction said they would not engage with Zanu (PF) on all matter pertaining to the inclusive government until outstanding issues are resolved.

Mutambara to thank

Asked why his ministers were still going to cabinet meetings when they respected Tsvangirais demands, Mutambara said this was to block Mugabe and his ministers from coming up with disastrous decisions.

Mutambara said Zimbabweans had him to thank for holding together the inclusive government. Had it not been me, this inclusive government could have collapsed long ago. I am their mediator. I am the only one who can make Mugabe and Tsvangirai to come together now. I am going to have a meeting with Tsvangirai on Monday morning before we meet Mugabe in the afternoon, he said.

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