Police raid an MDC leased house

biti_addressingOver 50 heavily armed police officers last night raided an MDC leased house in Chisipite, Harare purporting to search for arms of war cache. (Pictured: MDC Secretary- General Hon. Tendai Biti addressing a press conference)

The Chisipite house is used by the MDC to cater for its leadership from out of Harare. Addressing a press conference at the party headquarters, Harvest House today, the MDC secretary-general, Hon Tendai Biti, said the police broke into the house at 9 pm last night and started assaulting an MDC employee, Moffat Nyandure who guards the house. Moffat


Nyandure, his wife Netsai Pfudza and son Moffat jnr

The police officers who also claimed they had a search warrant also assaulted Nyandures wife, Netsai Pfudza before they told him to dig around the houses yard in search of the claimed weapons.

Nyandure was forced to dig from 9 pm to 2 am.

Nothing was discovered and the police left. However, before leaving they took with them the search warrant they had produced and valuable party documents belonging to deputy national organising secretary, Senator Morgen Komichi.

The long history of Zanu PF of planting weapons and pressing charges of treason are age old, tired, tactics of the Zanu PF dictatorship, but they must know that this is a serious attack on our movement and we will not back down, said Hon. Biti.

He said Zanu PF and the State machinery had a long history of raiding and planting incriminating evidence but he assured the people of Zimbabwe that the MDC remained resolute in its fight against the Zanu PF dictatorship.

He said the MDC is a peaceful party and would never use weapons of war but would use the Constitution for free and fair elections to bring in a democratic Zimbabwe and real change to the people of Zimbabwe.

The MDC believes that this raid is a result of the partys decision made last week to disengage from Zanu PF until all outstanding issues stalling the inclusive government are resolved.

These acts of harassment are an attempt to intimidate us but we will not be intimidated and our disengagement will not be reversed until outstanding issues in the GPA are resolved, Hon. Biti said.

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