Soldiers start to eat well

soldiers_picHARARE - Good times have returned to the military camps with soldiers reporting that since the formation of the unity government, their meals had improved. For three years soldiers sat down to a breakfast of plain tea with no sugar. Lunch was equally frugal, consisting of thick porridge (sadza/isitshwala) with plain boiled cabbage or beans as relish.

During this austere phase, some enterprising soldiers resorted to trapping mice and birds around the barracks to provide much needed protein. At one stage, army officers poached elephants in national parks to feed the restless troops. The soldiers said the situation improved dramatically following the installation of the transitional government of national unity.

The good times are certainly back because we are now eating meat in the barracks.

According to the soldiers, some of whom have gained a bit of weight, lunch and supper are now something to look forward to. They are served sadza with beef and boiled cabbage.

We are even being served fresh fruit, but we cannot say if the changes have occurred because the government has decided to treat us better or that the MDC elements have insisted on better working conditions for the army, said a soldier based at Inkomo Barracks in Harare.

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