Zanu business as usual

eddie___cross.jpegWe have been watching the Zanu PF controlled media very closely to see what spin they put on the rec3ent announcements by the MDC Leadership. It seems these are taking two forms (Pictured : Eddie Cross)

First they are arguing that this is business usual nothing has changed, things will go on as before, there was almost no mention of the crisis in the Zanu controlled media over the weekend.

Secondly they are putting a racial spin on the move this is mainly for regional benefit and they are trying to make out that MDC is doing all this because it is pro white!

The real issue is what will they do we are back in Parliament on Tuesday and this might reveal some sort of response, they can consider unilateral action but only if they are prepared to antagonise the region. I think they have a tough call to do anything more than the rather superficial and meaningless responses that they have made as outlined above. MT was in the Eastern Districts over the weekend at very successful rallies in rural Districts taking the issues to the people.

The ball is now very much in the SADC Court and its anyones guess as to what they will do as guarantors of the GPA.

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