Zanu (PF) lies exposed

jonathan_moyoThe Lie:
J. Moyo: (Pictured) It is now a well known fact in Zimbabwean politics that when the Americans and Europeans who run, fund and control the MDC T find themselves cornered, they engineer political tension and political violence in our country which they blame on Zanu (PF) using elements of the international media th

The Reality: The Americans and Europeans do not run, fund and control the MDC-T, and do not find themselves cornered. And it is ZanuPF that is entirely responsible for the appalling political violence in Zimbabwe.

The Lie: The harsh media laws (AIPPA) he authored are good for Zimbabwe, according to Jonathan Moyo.

The Reality: AIPPA is only good for Zanu (PF). It gags free speech, allows news censorship, keeps community radio banned and ensures that the mass media stays firmly under the control of the nationalist nazis in Zanu (PF).

The Lies: Robert Mugabe justifies the seizing of white farms without paying. He says the land was stolen from blacks in the first place, and denies his land reforms ruined agriculture. Instead he blames poor weather and Western sanctions that he says crippled the economys capacity to produce fertilizer and other agricultural inputs.

The Reality: Most commercial farms operating today were purchased after independence in 1980, with a certificate of no interest from government. – Some of the best harvests on record were grown during drought years by white farmers. (Whats the matter with the new cellphone farmers?)

-Western sanctions have not stopped us from producing fertiliser. Sable Chemicals in Kwe Kwe used to supply the whole of Zimbabwe with fertilisers, and exported some too. Zanu-PFs economic bungling crippled the company. Targeted sanctions have not caused a shortage. Republic of South Africa gladly supplies any fertiliser or agricultural inputs that Zimbabwe can pay for.

The Lie: J. Moyo: I also respect my partys leadership

The Reality: He has recently called Mugabes leadership self-indulgent and described him as very tired, visionless and beleaguered. He has accused Mugabe of playing dirty games and said Zimbabwe is doomed if he remains in office. We could go on. Thats a pretty warped view of respect or just that Chameleon speaking.

The Lie: Didymus Mutasa I dont have a case to answer in the trial of farmer Rober McKersie.

The Reality: Actually, yes Minister, you do. And you are not above the law. A subpoena against you is valid.

The Lie: Deputy Media, Information and Publicity minister Jameson Timba:

Zimbabwe is not a police state. It is not the policy of this government that its employees go around threatening citizens with arrest for imagined crimes.

The Reality: Good grief, are you blind as well as dim, Mr. Timba? Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri must be laughing his head off. Lets hope he doesnt arrest YOU on trumped up charges this week.

The Lie: Patrick Chinamasa: The problem is that most people including MPs and you journalists have not read the (Kariba draft) constitution. People should not concentrate on process but content of the constitution.

The Reality: Yes we have read it, and we do not like what we see regarding the entrenched and all-encompassing powers of the Executive President.

Lie-O-Meter rating this week: 9 out of 10

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