CIO swells ranks by recruiting relatives

youth_militiaHARARE - The government spy organisation, the CIO, has been carrying out a secret recruitment campaign across the country, it has emerged.

Recruitment has targeted the children and other relatives of serving agents. Zanu youths deployed as spies at ward level across the country also benefited from the intake.

In Marondera, relatives of members of the CIO commenced work some two weeks ago. Youths who have been spying on MDC activities at ward level also joined the ranks of the notorious organisation. Relationship to serving spy agents was the criteria used to conscript new members into the secret arm of government, said one of the new recruits.

The youth indicated that he was not yet comfortable with 24-hour surveillance missions they were tasked with carrying out against innocent citizens. He said that most of the targeted people were those expressing political views not in line with Mugabes political ideology.

The recruitment has seen an upsurge of terror threats across the country, as the recently engaged agents are assigned to carry out heinous crimes during their three-month probation period. The new employees have to prove their spying capabilities during the probation period, said another source based in Harare.

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