Homes razed as clan feud intensifies

BUHERA - The land dispute between the clans of Manyika and Gotoso turned nasty last week when a messenger of court and a police officer, who were trying to evict Izwanai Manyika and his father, herdsman Kadzudza, from occupying land around the Chinhema river were heavily assaulted by villagers.

Five houses belonging to Manyika families were razed by the messenger of court and police during the commotion. Villagers told the told The Zimbabwean that the commotion arose when a messenger of court forcibly tried to evict the Manyika clan from land for which the Gotoso clan is also claiming ownership.

Despite pleas from the Manyika to have the matter solved amicably using traditional procedures, the messenger of court and police were said to have proceeded to destroy houses.

The Manyika villagers retaliated by attacking the messenger of court and police officers with sticks and sjamboks.

The two-year feud between the two clans started when the Gotosa clan took the matter to court, while the Manyika preferred an out-of-court settlement through the traditional leadership.

Sources told the Zimbabwean on Thursday that the Gotosa clan was given a High Court reprieve barring the Manyika clan from using the land pending a decision.

However, the Manyika clan, who claim total control of the land, appealed against the order and applied for a stay of execution until an old map, which contained correct boundaries, could be produced by the district administrators office. The High Court dismissed the application and ruled against the Manyika clan, said a close source.

The families whose houses where burnt have now pitched tents and threatened to mete instant justice on anyone who try to displace them from their ancestral land.

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