Jonathan Moyo, shameless political turncoat

jonathan_moyoEDITOR I am offended and disgusted by the slimy Jonathan Moyo (pictured). The people of Tsholotsho elected him to be their representative in parliament because he had broken ranks with Zanu (PF). The MDC decided not to field a candidate in this area because they did not want to divide the vote against Zanu (PF).

With contemptuous disregard for the people, Moyo has gone back to Zanu (PF), parroting Mugabes rhetoric about colonialists and sanctions to try and hoodwink the people of Zimbabwe.

Moyo was once a professor at a University in South Africa. He wrote article after article pouring scorn and criticism on the evil dictator, Robert Mugabe. With the rise of the MDC, Moyo suddenly became the chief propaganda instrument for Zanu (PF). He left South Africa under allegations that he had defrauded the Ford Foundation of thousands of dollars.

Back in Zimbabwe he made it impossible for media to be free. Journalists were arrested, imprisoned and tortured and in the government press Mugabe was turned into a God. Moyo was Mugabes blue-eyed boy. He was then implicated in a conspiracy to topple the President and was then kicked out of Zanu (PF).

In 2006 Moyo was calling Zanu (P)F a party full of senile old men. He even compared them to Nazis. Jonathan Moyo makes me sick. He could sell his own mother to the highest bidder. VANCOUVER, by e-mail

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