Mugabes nephew takes the lead in prosecuting activists

mugabe_robertWe should never lose sight of the seriousness with which Michael Mugabe takes his relationship with the president Mafukidze
HARARE - He is a short, slightly built, dark in complexion and walks with a limp. Many human rights lawyers, activists and MDC politicians and activists know him as the states conduit of legal repression. (Pictured: Pre

He is Michael Mugabe, the son of President Robert Mugabes late brother Donato.

Michael has personified state repression by taking a lead in prosecuting human and political rights activists, usually on blatantly trumped up charges.

His long list of victims includes prominent human rights activists such as Jestina Mukoko, Alec Muchadehama, Tendai Biti, Roy Bennett, Mordekai Mahlangu, Beatrice Mtetwa, journalists Vincent Kahiya, Constantine Chimakure and even the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

Most of the cases against the above mentioned individuals have something to do with Robert Mugabe.

The wisdom of previous Chief Justice Gubbay eloquently explains how a prosecutor should conduct himself.

Like Caesars wife, the prosecutor must be above any trace of suspicion, said Gubbay while passing a ruling some years ago.

It is such wisdom that leaves the mind boggling as to why and how Mugabe is always thrown into the fray whenever cases to do with the president are brought to court.

His deployment is never a mere coincidence. Allocation of sensitive cases is a matter of serious consideration in the Attorney Generals Office.

Like Michael, the AG, Johannes Tomana, has publicly announced his political affiliation, notwithstanding that he is required to discharge the functions of his office in the public interest, without fear or favour.

At the time of the announcement his political affiliation, Zanu (PF) was the ruling party.

Considering the political shenanigans that has surrounded the abduction, detention, torture and ill-treatment of the accused persons by faceless state agents, it is highly unlikely that anyone will get a fair trial.

Lawyer Tererai Mafukidze believes no accused person can get a fair trial in a case involving Mugabe if it is prosecuted by Michael.

We should never lose sight of the seriousness with which Michael Mugabe takes his relationship with the president, said Mafukidze.

Early this year, media and human rights lawyer, Harrison Nkomo, who represented Jestina Mukoko and Roy Bennett was arrested and charged with insulting the president after Michael Mugabe laid a complaint against the lawyer with the police. Michael alleged that Nkomo had asked him to inform his father of the citizens desire that he retires from office.

As a representative of the Attorney General (the public officer constitutionally charged with prosecuting criminal offences) Michael is required to be independent of any political or other influence in making decisions relating to the prosecution of the accused persons, said Mafukidze.

Michael has often invoked section 121 of the Criminal Procedures and Evidence Act as a way of prolonging and punishing any of his fathers perceived enemies.

He was, however, cut down to size last month by High Court Judge, Charles Hungwe, who gave him a tongue lashing telling him not to make a fool of himself by abusing the law.

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