The secret to good governance is love – Biti

secretary_general_tendai_bitiNYANGA - MDC Secretary General Hon Tendai Biti has made an unequivocal statement that the secret to good governance is love. (Pictured: MDC Secretary General Hon Tendai Biti addressing thousands of people at Kazozo in Nyanga North)

To be a good ruler is not to have much education or anything of that nature. The secret to good governance is love. Paul the apostle said there were three important things but the greatest of all was love, he told supporters at a rally on Sunday.

He said the people had suffered more than enough under so-called independence in the form of Gukurahundi which claimed more than 30 000 people, Murambatsvina which displaced people, the corrupt and violent land reform programme which heavily disturbed the socio-economy of the country and the recent state-sponsored violence.

The Prime Minister has been able to deliver some remarkable improvements in a very short space of time. This is because of the great love he has for the people. Sanctions are a lie and a myth. What was missing all these years was a leader with love.

He said a leader who treated others as second class citizens in their own country and used violence as a solution to everything was a failure. Violence, he said, is evidence of a failure to think.

He said Zanu (PF) had become a way of life and the first disinfectant was a new constitution. The MDC was a peoples project and not an individuals project to deliver democracy, freedom and prosperity.

We should write a new constitution which will act as a disinfectant and remove all personal brandings by individuals who viewed this country as theirs and theirs alone.

We should be seen achieving development. Patronage and corruption comes as a result of people taking advantage of poverty. We want to empower people so that they dont have dependency syndrome.

Children should go to school. They should be educated. Education liberates the mind. There is no greater liberation than educating someone, he said.

Our experience in the last six months has shown us that a bus is not driven by two drivers. We need to finish the unfinished business of 29 March 2008. We are an energetic party full of youthful blood who can deliver real change to the people of Zimbabwe.

We have come a long way and we are almost there. There is a revolution that has happened in this country, a revolution that can not be changed. We have hope and want to restore our personal security and prosperity.

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