Trust calls for more heroes shrines

heroes_acreBULAWAYO --The government should build monuments in Tanzania, Angola and Botswana to honour freedom fighters who died during the war of liberation, the Mafela Trust has said. (Pictured: Heroes acre)

The Trust, which was set up to document the history of PF-Zapus ZIPRA armed wing, while it appreciated efforts by the National Museums and Monuments department to look after important sites in these countries more should be done to preserve the sites that form a key part of the countrys history. Trust coordinator has Zephaniah Nkomo said: ?We appreciate the efforts of the department of museums to construct memorials in Zambia and Mozambique but Mafela Trust feels the exercise must include the building of similar structures at camps in Tanzania and Angola.

ZIPRA and the old Zanu (PF)s ZANLA guerrilla armies had huge training camps in neighbouring especially in Zambia and Mozambique. Some of the camps also held thousands of refuges who had fled the war. Thousands of freedom fighters as well as refugees died in bombings by forces of the white-supremacist Rhodesian government and their bones lie in mass graves at these sites. ?Nkomo said there was also a need to recognise Botswanas role in facilitating the struggle through invaluable support in the form of transit camps, food and other necessities. Calls for more work to preserve burial sites of freedom fighters in neighbouring countries comes after a group of ZIPRA liberation war veterans toured Mkushi Camp in Zambia.

The veterans undertook the trip to pay homage to more than 420 of their comrades who were killed when the camp was bombed by the Rhodesian army in October 1978. ?

The Mafela Trust coordinator said the trip enabled the ex-fighters to fulfil a long-standing desire to go back to the camp to salute their fallen colleagues. ?Mkushi camp was exclusively for female ZIPRA cadres. Zapu interim chairman, Dumiso Dabengwa, has accused Zanu (PF) and Mugabe of trying to re-write history in a bid to create the impression that only Zanu (PF) and ZANLA fought for the countrys independence.

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