We are not a violent party – Khupe

khupeHARARE - MDC is not a violent party and will continue to deliver real change to the people of Zimbabwe using non-violent strategies, Vice President Thokozani Khupe (pictured) has said.

Addressing about 15 000 people at Rimbi grounds in Musikavanhu constituency, Khupe pledged that MDC would participate in free and fair election and not a war. She cited this as the reason for her partys lack of involvement in last years election violence. She said although last years elections were characterized by uneven ground, difficulties and discouragements, they were brave enough not to falter or give up.

For 10 years we were in a very difficult race. Thorns were strewn along our path, we were ensnared by foes and there were numerous dangerous potholes. This did not however deter us; we soldiered on, never faltering, rising swiftly whenever we were pushed down. She explained five main reasons why they had to enter into inclusive government. She said as MDC they formed the government to draft a new constitution, to democratize Zimbabwe, to heal the nation, to stabilize the macro economic environment and to attract humanitarian intervention.

As leadership we have no power to tell you how you should be governed. The power lies in people who elect us to represent and work for them. The will of the people must be respected. This is the first reason why we entered into inclusive government that we write our own constitution that will lead to a free and fair election under international supervision.

Khupe added that they entered into inclusive government to create an environment conducive for national healing and reconciliation. She said: We have a lot of untold stories that are eating the better part of us each day. Unless and until we open up and do all the necessary requisitions for a proper and meaningful act of forgiveness, there will never be genuine national healing and reconciliation.

The vice president also said that land should be given to people who had the capacity to farm and boost production. Speaking at the same occasion, Deputy Treasurer General, Elton Mangoma, said the President and the Prime Minister shared executive powers and there was no government without the other. We are disheartened by the continuous selective and unequal application of the rule of law. Several MDC MPs have been persecuted and convicted on shadowy charges whilst several others are on remand. We are aware that this is to reduce our numbers in parliament.

I would want to however assure you that there is no government without MDC. We can not pull out from the inclusive government because we are the government. How can we pull out from ourselves?

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