We must avoid leadership tragedy – ZAPU

zapu_logoJOHANNESBURG The opposition ZAPU party recently launched leadership training workshops to ensure that failed leaders do not resort to the use of terror to cling to power in future.

About four million Zimbabweans are currently living in exile, as Mugabe continues his policy of brooking no voices of dissent, and ZAPU says that its workshops are meant to avoid such tragedies of leadership in future. Zimbabwe has everything in terms of natural resources, which we can all leave on, yet it continues to see most of its people fleeing to foreign lands, said Dubizizwe Joli, ZAPUs chairman for the partys South Africa province in a recent interview.

The main problem that we have in our country, despite the abundance of these resources, is that of leadership and people are tired of being held at ransom by a few individuals just because they hold state power. Joli accused Mugabes failed leadership of having resorted to the system of buying votes, bribing people and using torture in its bid to remain in power, after failing to exude the leadership that can continue to win it votes.

We want to create a situation whereby the countrys leadership reads from the verse with the rest of the people, not what is happening in our country right now, that leaders impose their policies, no matter how bad they might be, on the people and force ordinary citizens to accept them through violence, he said. Joli added that his party would fight for the penning of a constitution that would prevent a repeat of the current scenario, where a group of people dictates to the rest of the population.

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