When is it going to end?

bob_morgan_arthurHow many people felt gutted when they heard the news that the Government of National Unity that had been held together by glue, paper clips and elastic bands, had broken into pieces?

For those who were devastated and asked the question when is this going to end? – take courage. There is hope!

We humans are a strange bunch. We pray and ask God for a miracle and when man messes things up we question God. There is no man who is perfect, especially a politician and yet God has on a number of occasions turned a country around. Where the government was immoral, it became a country with high values. But sadly, as so often occurs, it does not last long and once again corrupt rulers arise and take control.

Countries in the West continually ask the question, is it possible for any country in Africa to continue to operate free from corruption? Unfortunately, history shows that only a few governments on this beautiful continent are able to raise their hands and say we are a stable democratic country.

Well I have some good news! Yes, it is possible for a country to be prosperous! Its possible for a country not to have any corruption! It is possible for a country to walk in the blessing of God!

But the question has to be asked – how desperate are you? Are you prepared to take responsibility? Will you rise up in faith believing, for Zimbabwe or do you want all the benefits of a free country, but are personally not prepared to commit and walk the road of faith?

We can no longer look to man to resolve the issues of Zimbabwe. Over the decades we see that this has continuously failed. Now is the time to look to God! But you may say: we have been praying for years, pleading with God to deliver this land, but nothing has happened.

If you are one of those who have been praying like this, then there is a reason why your prayers have not been answered.

Over the weeks, I will be sharing with you and encouraging you to arise and believe God for Zimbabwe. I will continue on Thursday. Fourie is the author of Love is the Greatest Conqueror. www.raysonlinebooks.com

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