Zambia: K148m NGOs fraud: Officials reported to police

zambia_lameck_mangani_THE first two cases of NGO officials, who allegedly pocketed more than K148 million donor funding will be handed over to the police fraud department, Home Affairs Minister, Lameck Mangani (pictured) said yesterday.

He said in an interview that the matter had been referred to the police for further investigations and warned that all found culpable would face the law.

The matter has been referred to the police for further investigations and these are some of the NGOs that are vocal and talking a lot about corruption and the acquittal of Dr Chiluba. Once they have been found guilty, they may face the law, Mr Mangani said.

Mr Mangani said what was annoying was the fact that the NGOs in question were among those vocal civil society organisations that were agitating for honking against the acquittal of second Republic president, Fredrick Chiluba, thereby being in the forefront to promote anarchy in the nation.

Commenting on the whistling by the CSOs which went on undisturbed in Lusaka on Friday last week, Mr Mangani said such action was still an offence, especially that the CSOs had agreed that they had stopped their action when they last met with the Government and the police.

He wondered what the CSOs would achieve by whistling.

Times of Zambia

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