Zanu plans to disrupt mayor-making

war_vetMARONDERA Zanu (PF) and war veterans are mobilising residents to disrupt the official installation of MDC town mayor Farai Nyandoro next Friday.

According to sources in Zanu (PF), war veteran Chitekuteku and notorious youth leader Jeche, of Cherutombo, are spearheading the smear campaign.

The two thugs recently held poorly attended party meetings in Cherutombo in a bid to incite residents to embarrass Nyandoro at his installation as town mayor. They are begging people to denounce Nyandoro as an incapable town father, who has let down the town. The idea is to make Minister of Local Government Ignatius Chombo of Zanu (PF) abandon the mayors installation, said the source.

Thousands of residents were expected to throng the town park to witness the long-awaited mayor-making of the 35-year-old Nyandoro.

Nyondoro crossed swords with Zanu (PF) and Chombo after he exposed corruption. He also refused to work with Chombos proposed special interest councillors, who he claimed were mainly Zanu politicians who had failed in their role as city leaders. While other urban councils gave in to Chombos dictatorship, Nyandoro confronted the minister head on and managed to keep the imposed councillors at bay.

Zanu (PF) and the rejected councillors continue to disrupt activities of the MDC-run council from the terraces.

If the installation succeeds, it will prove a thorn in the flesh of Zanu (PF) hardliners in the council, who have refused to recognise Nyandoro as mayor.

Council management has been taking instructions from Zanu (PF) not to implement resolutions adopted by MDC councillors.

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