A wake-up call for Judas Iscariot

chihuriEDITOR I was very much annoyed by the action taken by one of the soldiers deployed in the rural areas in Zimbabwe, who beat Father Wolfgang Thamm. One of his students at St Alberts Mission holds a high rank in government and never dared take any action on this. (Pictured: Augustine Chihuri.)

Augustine Chihuri, you are my classmate, a home boy and at the same time Father Thamm was a geography teacher. Im well concerned with the way you are administering your office as Police Commissioner of Zimbabwe. Please, if you are failing to administer that office well, resign. The rule of law in Zimbabwe has made you the poorest police commissioner in the whole world.

Im not a politician and Im not siding with either of the political parties, but I want to live as other people live in their countries with political parties enabling their people to do business, farming, mining trading and enjoy their natural resources.

Most people or people in the civil service say you have been forced not to resign by President Mugabe. Well these are blue lies and it is the wish or the will of that individual not to relinquish the post. I have known people leaving bigger posts than yours – for example, General Solomon Mujuru, Dennis Norman, Nathan Shamunyarira to mention but a few.

Yes, this soldier is accountable to your will and wishes because of the way you are poorly dealing with the rule of law.

Augustine Chihuri and I am now calling you Judas Iscariot I didnt want to attack you in this way, but as a home boy and schoolmate, you forget how these Fathers have fathered you at school when we were very poorly off.

Surely, you shouldnt have done such a thing to Father Thamm.

I plead with you again to resign because you have failed and you have put firstly our area, Mashonaland Central, and secondly Zimbabwe as a country to shame.

I now extend my feelings to another person. I thought he should absolutely quit politics as he has proved a failure, nonsense and a confuser. Welshman Ncube, please quit politics. How can you board a plane to Europe to attend the World Trade Organisation leaving your partners without anyone to represent you at a very fruitful meeting to shape your country which is in disorganised state?

Welshman Ncube, you are a professor when we come to theory. In practice, though, you are a kindergarten child. Think of the young men and women in the Zimbabwe Vigil who put your trip to Europe into a shameful arena.

We have no hope being led by people who are divided and who are confused in mind. Im a farmer and Im proud of my skilled work. If I do it, I make sure I have done it as well as my predecessors did; my father and my grandfather.

I welcome these young men and women of the Zimbabwe Vigil. I feel young men and women should do the same in other foreign countries. You are the heirs of everything in Zimbabwe, no matter if Robert Mugabe pleads to die on the throne.

I have seen people swearing to die in their posts, but they have fallen. Ian Smith said: There is no black rule in my lifetime in Rhodesia, but he has fallen.

You young people, be vigilant because you are the future; the rulers of this country. Zimbabwe, dont be fooled by the aged.

I tell you people, young as you are, you never saw how well Zimbabwe is placed climatically, geographically and in its natural beauty and natural resources. Here on earth, Zimbabwe is one of the countries God truly framed to nurture and feed its own people without begging.

Young men and women whom I see drunk here in South Africa, I feel very much ashamed of and sorry. Why cannot you reform yourselves as young men and women in London did. I want to see more groups formed in different foreign countries. Criticise as much as you can if you see something wrong done in Zimbabwe, as you are the bearers of that country tomorrow.

Here in South Africa, wake up youths and dont be drunkards. Zimbabwe ndeyenyu kwete yaningi Chihuri Augustine achasiya nguva yakwana hapana akafira pachigaro.

I conclude by saying to all those people who claim to be the only war veterans who fought to liberate Zimbabwe and cannot be removed from any throne, do they ever think of Zambias position in late 60s and whole 70s? How much the people of Zambia suffered in those years for Southern Africa to be liberated. A very shameful attitude you are showing the people of Zambia including the ex-president Kenneth Kaunda.

In one interview, Kaunda seemed ashamed of other people he supported during the Southern Africa liberation movement.

These people worked tirelessly for you to attain Zimbabwean independence. Dont be fooled by the so-called war vets who claim the work they never did.

As the late Chinese president said: You people are the waters and you (Zanla and Zipra forces) are the fishes.A fish cannot swim where there is no water. We in Mt. Darwin had it from birth till the end, but I have never titled myself a war vet. Saviour Kasukuwere, who was a tiny boy, can never claim to be a war vet.


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