Bring back the Zim dollar? Are you mad?

zim_dollar3EDITOR Zimbabwe for the past years seem to have embarked on a ruralisation programme. In urban areas, one starts the day by chopping firewood, as there are frequent power cuts. (Pictured: A bunch of Zim dollars thrown in a bin.)

When one comes home from work, one has to chop firewood to cook dinner. Besides chopping firewood, one has to fetch water from a shallow well if you are unfortunate to have a borehole. If water does come from the taps, you first have to purify it, as the water authorities are failing to make it safe to drink.

If this trend continues, dont be surprised to see Blair toilets sprouting up like mushrooms in Zimbabwes central business districts.

On another note: of all the ridiculous things that a person can think of, the planned re-introduction of the Zim dollar beats them all. It would seem those who are behind the idea of bringing back the Zim dollar before Zimbabwe has even achieved economic stability have nothing better to do or have run out of ideas or they have lost touch with reality and are living in la-la-land.

Some of us dont have short memories and it was just last year that Zimbabwe was a banana republic. Maybe thats what those who are pushing for the quick return of the Zim dollar meant when they said that we dont need book economics, and instead resorted to voodoo economics. This made Zimbabwe an economic fools paradise. Remember the money burning trends and the instant paper tycoon, but at the end all they had was worthless billions and trillions.

Only a fool will accept the Zim when the economy is not stable. Remember the soldiers rioting in Harare? What is needed is for Zimbabwe to first focus on solving issues such as finding a permanent solution to the water crises and electricity outages, increasing productivity in the industrial and agriculture sector, attending to the health and education sector and restoring and respecting property rights in order to restore investor confidence. Only then can we think of bringing back the Zimbabwean dollar.

It just shows that those who want to drive the economy are lost and dont know where they are going.

Zimbabweans dont want to experience the pain and suffering that they had to go through as a result of these misguided voodoo economic policies again.

On behalf of the majority of Zimbabweans, I say No Zim dollar, no cry.

MUWHOVET, by email

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