Learning to rule ourselves

EDITOR - The on-going inter-party talks between Zanu (PF) and the two MDC formations should look beyond their various party political divides, and concentrate on the betterment of the lives of the electorate.

The 15 or 20 issues these parties are continuously arguing about are centred mostly around petty issues, which, if tackled with the true spirit of inclusiveness, would take under an hour to iron out. We have been stagnant for quite some time now, and we need to break camp and move on.

We should as a nation look beyond just a mere political settlement/agreement and look for witnesses who will indeed testify that we once had great political leaders.

Governments in their very nature are Gods creation. Governments are put in place by the Almighty, and once its witnesses, who are in this case the electorate become disgruntled, the Almighty will simply unplug its leadership and replace it accordingly.

I therefore urge the leadership in the inclusive government to start placing people ahead of any of their respective political ambitions. Time lost will never be regained. Lets not fool people by trying to re-invent the democracy wheel. Democracy shall remain democracy.

Let me conclude by quoting the great Nigerian writer, Chinua Achebe where he says, Democracy is not something you put away for 10 years, and in the eleventh year you wake up and start practicing again. We have to begin to learn to rule ourselves again. Harare

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