Respecting the value of a lifes work

gideon_gonoEDITOR Today I went to have some papers signed by a commissioner of oaths. I asked the old man if he had been in the Piolice. Yes, he said, for 30 years. He left in 1995 and there he sits. Gono took most of our pensions, he said. (Pictured: Gedion Gono)

This is sad and criminal. Lets look at the bigger picture. You have all those (over 4,000) farmers and probably 1.5 million farm-workers who have been left with nothing after a lifetimes work. In many cases it was generations of work.

A farmers pension was his farm take that away and they are left with nothing. Most farmers looked after the pensioners on their farms till they died they were rightly called specials.

A generation of destitute people who gave their lifes commitment to their country. This applies to civil servants, as with the policeman aforementioned.

Take Operation Murambatsvina. What do you do when, as a family, you have all worked most of your lives to build a small, brick, two-bedroomed house. Then state-sponsored bulldozers arrive and your whole lifes work becomes a pile of rubble in a matter of minutes.

You see, this evil regime headed by very evil people, call MDC people, whites, civic society et al enemies of the state. The real enemy of Zimbabwe lurks in the corridors of power surrounded by wealth, gold, diamonds, mansions, luxury cars and protected by guns.

They are alright, thats why they are prepared to raze Zimbabwe to ground zero, if thats what it takes to stay in power.

God knows, no situation is ever permanent. I will never leave you, never forsake you. He, the Almighty, has neither left nor forsaken Zimbabwe. He is very much in evidence.

MAI KAY, by email

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