Where has Harares water gone?

waterEDITOR We live in the Milton Park area (old section) and we havent had water for a week now. I know we are one of the lucky ones! (Pictured: People fetching water from boreholes.)

We used to, of course, have the cuts, but that meant one would have water at some point in a day. This, on the other hand, has been an almost constant off or low pressure. Being in a double-storey, you can imagine we do not get water upstairs at all.

Now I know there are quite a number of people who havent had water for three or four years but thankfully for them, they have boreholes so are not concerned. My mother and I do not have this joy.

As a matter of interest, we actually come under the CBD does this mean further into the city there is no water?

We dont have a river near by unless you count the Avondale River, which is pretty dirty and polluted with plastic (let alone anything else I know they fished a body out of it so many years ago). So, I dont have much desire to go down to the river.

Has Harare run out of water? Do the people know? What happens when even more diseases take us over? When do we have to leave in a mass exodus, as people have had to do for centuries when cities ran out of water? Or is the man at the top punishing us even more? Or has everything finally completely broken down and nobody knows how to fix it?

I know the habit of most of us Zimbabweans: we keep are heads down and if it isnt our problem we actually dont give a damn, but when do we say enough is enough and stop lying to ourselves. We arent making a plan! Weve fallen apart!

Its about to rain. Maybe Ill go have a shower out in the back garden.

TC, by email

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