A virtuous MP

EDITOR - A time to give is a time to dishonour ourselves so that the Lord might be honoured. A time of giving is a time to show remorse and not a time to show off.

The MDC-T Member of Parliament for Murewa West Constituency, Ward Nezi, displayed the above virtue on December 21, 2009 in his constituency. Nezi distributed sweets and biscuits to children of Murewa West Constituency to mark the beginning of the festive season. As the MP drove around his constituency, he met children herding cattle and some who were in the fields and personally handed them sweets and biscuits.

At Rodzi shopping centre, the MP was stunned by the welcome he was given by over 400 pupils. At Maruta, Chizanga, Cassino and Chigogodza shopping centres, there were more than 300 pupils at each centre. The MP treated all the children the same despite the fact that the children of Zanu (PF) thugs were also present and received gifts from MP Nezi. Before giving children the sweets, MP told them stories and children burst into laughter as he progressed with interesting stories about a baboon and the hare.

After giving sweets, the MP would ask the children who he was. Some said he was a man of God (Pastor) while others said he was a donor. Upon disclosing his full identity, children jumped with excitement and many moved forward to touch him. The MP was deeply touched by this gesture. The parents who had accompanied their children to meet the MP profoundly appreciated this gesture, our children have never experienced this neither did they meet an MP before. Said one elder. It is said, among practical minds that what is firmly rooted cannot be pulled out; what is tightly held in the arms will not slip loose; the untold love and friendship the MP has established with the children is indestructible.

On December 25, 2009, the Nezi remembered the sick in his constituency. He visited St Pauls Musami Hospital, brushed shoulders and shook hands with the sick. Each and every patient got a gift from the MP. The matron and other staff members who were on duty took the MP round the Hospital. In the maternity ward, the MP was received by a bouncing baby girl, Delight Chauruka, who was the only baby born on Christmas day at St Pauls Musami Hospital. Nezi thanked the staff for their dedication and commitment. When everyone else went on strike in 2009 for better salaries and working conditions, St Pauls Musami Hospital staff did not follow suit.

The better a man is, the worse he is thought of by his rivals. It is no wonder that Zanu (PF) thugs like Nicholas Judas Chakavarika, Eric Rovambira Jonasi, John Antiwash Chimhuka, Arnold Dzvoti Nerwande and Voster Bulldog Mukahadzi always declare that the MDC-T MP will never set foot in Musami. Nezi has five qualities that not even one Zanu (PF) MP ever possessed: justice, prudence, fortitude, temperance and generosity. We definitely want our MPs to be prudent, to use good judgment, particularly in this period when the land is infested with Zanu (PF) crocodiles, when acts of imprudence would get us blown up.

Fortitude, the ability to stand up for what is right, it is a must for our Mps to have this virtue. Temperance is also important; we do not want a drunk for an MP; nor do we want anyone with excessive bad habits. The MP who has virtues like Nezi will govern well and uphold our basic values. by e-mail

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