Constitution-making process- a cash cow project for government officials and some civic groups.

The ongoing government led constitutional process is not meant to achieve a new constitution for the people of Zimbabwe as shown by the attitude of some officials leading this process.

It is now beyond reasonable doubt that the reason why the government is adamant to continue with this process is the selfish motive of generating unjustifiable money through allowances and other avenues related to the process. The NCA is shocked to realize that members of parliament are renting their vehicles for use in this dubious constitution making process. One of the co-chairpersons of the controversial parliamentary select committee was quoted in the state and private media thanking the MPs for offering their vehicles to be used in the constitutional outreach programme. It has emerged that MPs renting out their vehicles will be paid amounts ranging from US250 to US350 per day. This means that an average of $20 000 will be used for each vehicle. This does not make sense as the government can actually purchase at least 3 vehicles rather than hiring for such an exorbitant cost.

It is therefore very hypocritical for Hon. Mangwana and Hon. Mwonzora to pretend that vehicles offered by the MPs are going to be used free of charge. It is shocking that vehicles that were bought by tax payers money are now being rented to government by some mercenaries whose agenda is to make money instead of representing interests of their respective constituencies. As NCA, we view the move by the members of parliament as a clear testimony that government officials are using this dubious constitutional reform process as a platform to raise money for personal survival.

It is equally disappointing to realize that there are some civic leaders and civic organizations that are assisting government to conduct the so called public consultations. As civic society, we have always insisted that we will only support a constitution making process that is led by an independent commission representative of various sectors of our community. As NCA we are aware that the civic groups participating in this process are doing so to please some funding partners who gave them funds to participate in a constitution making process that is contrary to their principles and values. It is discouraging to realize that some respected officials and organizations in civic society can betray the masses of Zimbabwe because of their love for pieces of gold and silver.

As NCA we believe that no government should lead the process of constitution making. For Zimbabwe to realize a democratic, people-driven constitution, there is need for government officials and some civic society elements to stop viewing the constitution making process as a money spinning project meant to satisfy personal egos. Instead of the government wasting donor funds on a constitution which will eventually be rejected by Zimbabweans, government must consider abandoning this controversial process and use funds to improve the peoples livelihoods and the countrys service delivery system.

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