have_your_sayOne should be declared the winner even if they get fifteen per cent of the total votes as long as it is the highest number. Two-thirds majority is a German style represented by the colours of the German flag on our flag. Anonymous

For the constitution to work, every Zimbabwean must seek wisdom from God lest we are led by those cherish dishonest gain. Marshall Kutchwa, Masvingo. Parliament should create all ministries. Head of State should not just come up with a ministry overnight and impose it. We need amalgamated ministries so that money is saved unlike the ones we have which are emptying the states coffers. Anonymous

Prime Minister or President and not both. Anonymous

People in rural areas should have title deeds on the pieces of land so that they can borrow money from banks. This will improve communal agriculture and boost rural standard of living. This will also reduce rural to urban migration. We need to go to town to do shopping rather than look for jobs. This move will also enhance decentralization. Richard Chiweshe, Chirindi School Mutoko

There should be a zero tolerance on any form of violence; there should be freedom of expression and greater access to any information forum. Shingi Christon Bank. Women should also be legal guardians of their children. Batanayi, Harare.

Thanks for the regular update on the constitution making process. Guy Fawkes, Gutu.

Well-established companies should not engage fixed contract workers for more than a year. They should be declared permanent workers. Wakanaka, Kwekwe.

Contentious issues can be resolved through a referendum. Saprene.

In Zimbabwes new constitution, we do not want a police commissioner who is aligned to any political party. He/ she should not be partisan in order to ensure fairness during election time. Anonymous.

PISI members have been deployed to look for police officers attending constitution making outreach programs. These names are to be submitted for purging. Miss Excluded. ZRP Harare.

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