GNU going nowhere

EDITOR - Another Christmas ruined by stubbornness, a period traditionally full of good will and smiles, yet again denied. More potholes and less electricity as compared to the previous was Santas offer.

Rubbish dumps mushrooming across the capital. Telegraph poles rusted along the countrys highways to the extent that they have now folded in half, their heads on the ground as if to say; we have now given up. For over a year, electricity line columns are perilously leaning along Harare drive, threatening vehicles and passengers. All of these remain unseen to the blind and its remnant of followers. They must however realise that on the way the nation endures and takes note. The majority has now had enough of this persistence and belief that one is indispensable. The nation is well aware that it has now reached a stage where this state of continuous decay, if allowed to progress unchecked will lead it even further into the abyss of Dark Africa.

Gravy train warning

Should any dare believe that they shall be allowed to continuously frustrate progress by purposely delaying the inevitable, best they think twice. If they intend to see the end of 2010 through the same platform, then best heed to the warning that as a nation, we shall do what ever is necessary to deny this ill-owned and stolen comfort. This year Zimbabweans shall take back all that is deemed their rights. To those on the gravy train, consider yourselves warned. Within the GNU, both the president and PM keep on proclaiming the same progress that back then we welcomed. But these are now considered minimal in relation to the stagnant and remaining real issues still at hand. Yes, children have returned to school, a year later they are still with inadequate numbers of text books or desks. Zimbabwean teachers are still in the Diaspora, not prepared to return. Hospitals have re-opened; they remain extremely short of drugs. Our doctors and nurses remain in the Diaspora, also not prepared to return. In general most of our expertises have vamoosed, their absence can be witnessed in the continuous deterioration of our roads, electrical reticulation, telephone service, water delivery, all affecting the aspects of our daily lives.

Stop bragging

We say to you gentleman of the GNU, stop bragging on your supposed progress since your February 2009 agreement. Eleven months have since gone by. Your alleged achievement is minimal compared to the daily deterioration of our nation. We are again steadily going backwards. Refrain from far too often loudly proclaiming of the very same achievements. As a nation we are enough of the bickering within your so-called GNU, the reason that has in reality plagued real advancement. We are incensed by the non-performing ministries holding conferences on talks about talks. What this country needs is urgent accountable and transparent action if it is to halt the rapid deterioration of our once envied and inherited infrastructure. The deterioration of these national assets is in itself a criminal act, blamed on those who today dress in colonial style suits and drive big expensive European cars – while making racist comments whites. Failure to deliver promptly could very well see the birth of a new initiative that will not encompass this GNU in its present composition.


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