Journalist flees Zimbabwe following death threats

stanley_kwendaSenior freelance journalist Stanley Kwenda (Pictured) has reportedly fled the country after he was allegedly phoned and threatened with death by a senior police officer.

Kwenda fled the country over the weekend after he was phoned on his cellphone on 15 January 2010 by the alleged senior police officer over a story reportedly published in The Zimbabwean newspaper. The police officer allegedly told him that he would not survive the weekend. Kwenda who is a member of MISA-Zimbabwes Harare Advocacy Committee, is the director of the Artists for Democracy Zimbabwe Trust (ADZT).

MISA-Zimbabwe condemns this development as yet another serious threat to media freedom and the right of journalists to conduct their lawful professional duties without fear or hindrance from any quarters. MISA-Zimbabwe urges the inclusive government and the Police Commissioner General to unequivocally guarantee the safety of journalists and to assure Kwenda of his security pending full investigations into the alleged threats.

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