Learn Shona from Diaspora

HARARE - A new website, www.learnShona.com, is offering Zimbabweans in the Diaspora the opportunity to learn Shona, or take their Shona language skills to the next level.

learnShona.coms language courses are unique in that they are fun, practical and designed to be learned anywhere, at any time. They are in an mp3 format that even mobile phones can play. All of which makes it much easier to overcome the chore factor that often impedes language learning. Best of all, learnShona.coms Shona language Beginner courses are being offered for free to people who refer other users. learnShona.com also offers Shona language Youth, Refresher and Tourist courses, along with Vocabulary and Grammar builders. They are all designed to take the level of Shona language learning beyond anything currently available on the internet today.

learnShona.com is all about preserving Zimbabwean culture in the diaspora said its founder, Nyasha Madavo. There are 3 million of us abroad, and a great deal of us are either forgetting the language or have met partners or have children for whom Shona is almost a foreign language. learnShona.com aims to change this in a fun and easy way by making learning the Shona language faster than ever before.

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