Mujuru launches parallel outreach pgm

joice_mujuruMT DARWIN Vice president Joice Mujuru (pictured) launched a 2,500-strong Zanu (PF) National Outreach Programme at the notorious Border Gezi Youth Training Centre here on Saturday.

The move has been described by political observers as a desperate attempt to influence the imminent, nation-wide Parliamentary Select Committee on the Constitution (COPAC)s outreach campaign.

The Outreach Teams were supposed to have been deployed last week to gather the views of Zimbabweans on the new constitution but were delayed when it was discovered that Zanu (PF) had smuggled hundreds of their members onto the teams.

According to the government-owned Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings subsidiary, Power FM News bulletin of Sunday, Mujuru told the more than 2,500 delegates that the new constitution must be people-oriented and reflect the ideals of the liberation struggle.

She further urged them to be cautious of enemies making frantic efforts to hijack the process. These comments are well-known Zanu (PF)-speak and will undoubtedly have been correctly interpreted by the dwindling party faithful as licence to beat up suspected MDC members, and any other enemies.

Many Zimbabweans have, accordingly, reacted to the news with horror, viewing the move as capable of unleashing a Zanu (PF) terror campaign similar to that of the 2008 Harmonized Elections.

Addressing the same gathering, Zanu (PF) MP and co-chair of COPAC, Paul Mangwana, told the delegates to come up with a common Zanu position on the content of the constitution.

In a separate but related incident, the Zanu (PF) Insiza legislator, Andrew Langa, was reported on the same Radio Channel on Sunday as having launched a similar programme in Gwanda.

He was reported to have urged his delegates to work hard to protect the gains of the liberation struggle. He further explained that the exercise was going to be conducted parallel to the COPAC teams exercise.

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