Raising a monster

EDITOR - He was our rescuer. A man who showed that fear was not in his dictionary; he came and led us to our independence. Who knew that a couple years from then he would become our nations dictator? Did we create this Monster?

Robert Mugabe is a well-known self-elected dictator. He is the man behind thousands of deaths and a lot of suffering. He is a vindictive old man who has shown the world that he will not step down from the presidency power. Despite about 95 per cent of Zimbabwe being against him, he has clearly shown how little he cares for his own people. In 2005 Zimbabwe witnessed the tragedy of operation Murambatsvina. The Zanu (PF) government said that it was a way of reducing infectious diseases, and dealing with illegal housing. Yet again the government had misinformed the people of Zimbabwe.

Thousands of people watched as their homes were bulldozed and many more watched hopelessly as their businesses were brought down. This was a ruthless operation which left the country gob smacked and 2.4 million people affected. Many other operations followed: Operation Mavhoterapapi (Operation Where You Put your X) and Dzikisai Madhishi (Pull down your satellite dish). Over the last couple of years Zimbabwes economy has dropped rapidly, resulting in 94 per cent unemployment and shameful inflation. Education has been stated as a national crisis by UNICEF. This is due to so many teachers refusing to teach because of their low pay.

The world should not sit back and let this man and his cabinet continue to torture the innocent people of Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe has clearly shown that nothing is going to stop him. It is up to the other countries to bring him down. MUGABE MUST GO!, by e-mail

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